Customer Testimonials

Janet, wow! I did not expect such fast response and replacement. Thank You. Excellent product support! I installed the new style valve, If a person can be thrilled with a dental device. please color me in as thrilled:). I have an older SB at my cabin and used it this week end, and was hoping that I could get one that worked this well. the new SB works just as if I built it to my own specs. full flow to shower head, no restriction, and an awesome flow to pic, for gums and for washing down shower stall:). I am back to crowing about your product. are you looking for testimonials??

Brad B."

February 6 2014 8:04:08 AM

michael c

I am a long time customer and I just wanted to express my thanks to Oral Breeze for the quality product that has improved my family's dental health so much. Over the years the convenience and durability of your products have proved remarkable as has your customer service. I see many imitations but to me there is only one Oral Breeze.


Tom, Thanks for letting me know the status of my request. Your solution is fine. I plan to show your product to my dentist. Although she recommended that I get an irrigator, she didn’t have a specific kind in mind because she thought they were all pretty much the same. I want her to see how different yours is from the mass-marketed ones. Again, I appreciate your help. And I love using my ShowerBreeze every day! My gums feel great!

Kathleen S .

You are awesome! I would like to have the QuickBreeze, as then I can store it away.

Randy H .St. Helens, OR

The oral Breeze rocks.Easy to use great results. I ordered one for my daughters shower.

Thanks you, great invention!!!!