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I am a dental hygienist in a general practice office. We advertise Oral Breeze in our hygiene operation I am interested in getting more brochures to hand out to patients. We have the Shower breeze demo in our office, but no more brochures to hand out. If we could order some that would be great! Thank you for your time.

Meredith Cockrell, RDH254-675-8301

Our hygienist discovered OralBreeze about 8 months ago. We were extremely impressed with the concept. We have been recommending OralBreeze to our patients and have noticed great results. Many people do not floss as often as recommended. We feel as oral health care providers that it is our responsibility to recommend aids to help compensate for lack of flossing. OralBreeze is a great adjunct for patients to use in addition to flossing. Patients are very happy with the ease of use and results. We have definitely noticed a huge improvement of at home oral hygiene in our patients who have purchased the OralBreeze.

Joseph N. Grimaudo, D.M.DAll Smiles Tampa Bay
17200 Camelot Court
Land O’ Lakes, FL 34638

We love recommending the Oral Breeze products. They make it easier for patients to comply with increasing their hygiene habits and decreasing their bleeding sites. The company is a pleasure to deal with, too.

JDr. Ann Christopher, D.D.S. 3701 Eastern Ave
Baltimore, MD 21224
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I saw something so amazing last week, I just had to tell you. 8 weeks ago a new patient came in for an evaluation. Another dentist told her she needed deep cleaning’s and gum surgery. She wanted a second opinion.

I agreed that she had significant gum problems. She absolutely wanted to avoid any gum surgery and said she would do anything. I gave her the instructions for Directed Water Irrigation. She got an OralBreezeâ„¢ Irrigator and went home to start using it right away.

When I saw her last week, I couldn’t believe it. All of her 6mm gum pockets had reduced to 3mm, except one which was 5mm. And there was no bleeding anywhere! That means that she didn’t need any gum surgery, and she didn’t even need the deep cleaning! And the only change she did to her daily routine was to use Directed Water Irrigation with the OralBreeze twice a day. Just thought you might want to know. Another Amazing Success!

In the Interest of Better Dental Health,

Charles Reinertsen, D.M.D. 215 E Burleigh Blvd
Tavares, FL 32778
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